Alfa Romeo Giulia/Stelvio 2.0L (280hp) - Flash Tune
  • Alfa Romeo Giulia/Stelvio 2.0L (280hp) - Flash Tune

Flash Tune-Alfa Romeo Giulia/Stelvio 2.0L (280hp)

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*Speed limiter from 240 to 270 km/hour

*Start/stop which works opposite

39Hp/73Nm Tq (330 ft-lb Tq)

the 2.0 Turbo MultiAir engine of the Giulia Veloce has been put on the market with 280 hp and 400 Nm. However, the asset bank shows very diverse values.Everything between 440 and 460 Nm and between 280 and 310 (!) Hp is possible. The first-produced Giulias scored the highest.

Despite these major differences, the big question for us was how much extra we could still get. After a lot of research and testing, we can only say that there is not much extra in it. With some turbo pressure increase in the mid speed range, about 20 to 30 Nm is added. By accelerating the ignition at higher speeds around 10 to 12 hp. Increasing turbo pressure on higher revs unfortunately brings nothing extra. Except for an increased risk of ignition problems due to too much back pressure from the catalyst.Refueling with a good fuel is a must.

  • Standard power is higher in practice than on paper
  • DNA: In "D" mode the tuning, in "N" mode standard power
  • Use RON98 strongly recommended

Squadra Tuning is a renowned and respected chip tuning company specialized in software tuning of cars from the FCA group. Thanks to this specialization, we are well-informed about all technical aspects. We develop the engine management software based on our technical knowledge, years of experience and are realistic about what is and what is not possible in terms of torque and power gains. We distinguish ourselves through knowledge, quality and no-nonsense attitude. Our personal attention to the customer is also greatly appreciated.

*Time: 7-10 day turn around time. 


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