RAVENOL FES, 0W-30 MOTOR OIL (5L)- Giulia/Stelvio 2.0L 280hp View larger

RAVENOL FES, 0W-30 MOTOR OIL (5L)- Giulia/Stelvio 2.0L 280hp




  • FIAT 9.55535-DS1/GS1 

These oils aren’t marked as approved. FCA doesn’t give out factory approvals on fluids.  Therefore, all oils that offer a Mopar, Chrysler, Fiat spec simply meet or exceed the oil quality specification.  FCA may decide in the future to offer factory fluid approvals like Audi/VW, Mercedes, BMW, and others, and at that time RAVENOL will look into getting those new approvals. These oils meet or beat factory recommended oils and are safe to use due to the fact that FCA does not approve any oil (no warranty issues should occur). 

RAVENOL FES SAE 0W-30 is a fully synthetic, fuel economy low friction motor oil based on mid SAPS Technology with CleanSynto®  for petrol and diesel passenger cars with and without turbo charging in passenger cars and transporters with extended oil change. RAVENOL FES SAE 0W-30 is based on additives with low ash content for use in modern passenger car with diesel and gasoline engines with excellent cold start characteristics, low oil consumption and reduced pollutant emissions. This oil will increase the DPF and TWC life. HTHS >2,9mPa.s. Developed for fuel economy especially for the latest petrol and diesel engines of BMW, PSA, FIAT, IVECO and JaguarLandRover. RAVENOL FES SAE 0W-30 achieved by its formulation with special base oils a high viscosity index. The excellent cold start behavior ensures a optimal lubrication safety in the cold running phase.

 Technical Characteristics and Features:

  • Fuel economy in part and full power operation
  • Excellent wear protection and high viscosity index also under high-speed driving conditions, the long life of the engine
  • Excellent cold starting characteristics also at low temperatures below -25°C
  • A safe lubricant film at high operating temperatures
  • Low evaporative tendency, so lower oil consumption
  • No deposits in combustion chambers, in the piston ring zone and valves because of oil conditioned
  • Neutrality towards sealing materials
  • Extended oil change intervals to protect natural resources

Application Notes: 

RAVENOL FES SAE 0W-30 is a universal fuel economy, especially designed engine oil for modern gasoline and diesel engines with and without turbo charger in passenger cars and vans with extended oil change intervals of BMW, PSA, FIAT, IVECO, Jaguar, and Land Rover. Extends the lifespan of the particle filter. Due to the specific composition is RAVENOL FES SAE 0W-30 excellent suitable for use for indicated OEM requirements. 

Oil Specifications and Quality Standards:

  •  ACEA C2

Formal Factory Approvals:

  • BMW Longlife-12 FE

Practiced and tested in accordance with the following fills:

  • PSA B71 2290
  • PSA B71 2312
  • Jaguar Land Rover STJLR.03.5007
  • IVECO 18-1811 CLASSE SC1 LV
  • FIAT 9.55535-DS1/GS1

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RAVENOL FES, 0W-30 MOTOR OIL (5L)- Giulia/Stelvio 2.0L 280hp

RAVENOL FES, 0W-30 MOTOR OIL (5L)- Giulia/Stelvio 2.0L 280hp