About Alfissimo   

Nice, France - New 4C -2013

My name is Jason Minos, I have owned and operated Alfissimo for 20 years, alone.  I started Alfissimo out a love for cars, a need for a job and not paying inflated prices on parts from the dealers or parts suppliers in the US.  I started this business in my garage before the internet was really big, when it became more mainstream I found forums and found a following there. It has snowballed since, 6 websites later and many years of trial and error I think I am close to where I want to be.  I still have dreams to do a bit more.

I grew up in San Diego CA working with my father in our garage on his 1956 Austin Healey 100m BRG. This was the car that changed everything for me. My father, a pioneer in the aerospace industry (General Dynamics/Convair), designing and building rockets from the Atlas to the Space shuttle,  passed this engineering knowledge/sense down to me. Although I do not have an engineering degree, my mind revolves around it and design. I earned a communications/design degree and photography, as well as a Master's.  I am constantly learning. That said, I really enjoy my work and my clients. 

Building up alfa's and creating is my passion. Creating a masterpiece from a stock car, both aesthetically and mechanically is what drives me.  I believe I have a good eye for how an alfa (or any car) should look. I am very simplistic in my approach but original.

Parts, well it's what I have been doing for so long and there is something beautiful about parts as much just as much as the beauty of the outside of a Alfa.  There is something exhilarating about supplying parts that I have found that are rare and the happiness that comes when they know I have it.

I strive to provide only 100% Original Parts or the highest quality after-market, Reproduction parts and accessories available.  In the near future I am planning on more reproduction plastic/metal/rubber parts for 164, Milano and Giulia 105 to the Giulia 952.

What I offer in the client service area is a personalized approach which you cannot find these days.  Although I see the benefits of social media platforms, I prefer to keep it on a personal, yet professional level, in person, on the phone or by email as last resort.

My plan is to keep Alfissimo small as I believe growing is not going to sustain a quality of service that I want.  I am growing in other ways, such as moving back to maintenance and what I really love, restoration. I am expanding in what I do and how I do it, it's a never ending process. I am never perfectly set in the way things are. 

Please call or e-mail us anytime with technical questions or advice or ordering. I am here to help you with your Alfa needs. My goal is to keep your Alfa Romeo on the road and looking great for many years to come! This means I I go far and beyond to try to carry every part possible, rare, new or used for any Alfa Romeo.

 If I do not have it, we really work hard to provide it for our clients! 

(Even if it takes a little time) 

hours & contact information:

Monday - Friday:  9:00am - 5:00pm (1700hr MST) 

CLOSED 12:00 -1:00 PM -Daily and WEEKENDS

TIME ZONE: (USA - Mountain Standard Time)

TEL: +1 928-526-0549

E-mail: Admin at Alfissimo DOT com


5300 Country Club Dr.

Flagstaff,  AZ 86004 USA

Our Top Quality Products: 

*(ATHENA, Lemforder, CTR group S.P.A, Original Berth S.P.A, Malo, Spesso, Rienz, Beru, Eibach, B+G, Koni, Bilstein, our custom reproduction parts and much more.)

*Alfissimo International is not associated in anyway with http://maggiekavan.com or ConsciousMKTG.  We have never hired or used this business.