About Alfissimo   

Nice, France - New 4C -2013

I have owned/operated Alfissimo for 20 years, alone and plan to keep it that way. 

The story:  

I started Alfissimo out of a love for cars, a need for a job and not wanting to pay inflated prices on parts or service from the dealers or parts suppliers in the US.  I started this business in a rented garage in college with no money.  I worked on no stock and just ordered parts when my customers needed them (JIT method). Since then, I have a massive stock, have gone through about 7 websites and actually I am making somewhat of a living.

I think I am close to where I want to be but not there yet. I am shifting gears again to add service and restoration work, along with tuning/styling.  

Some background:

I grew up in San Diego and Torrance CA. You could always catch my father and I in the garage working on his 1955 Austin Healey 100m BRG, 280 zx or whatever. In-fact tinkering with anything mechanical, to talking about car design, to architecture was what we did together. The Austin-Healey was the car got me hooked. Then the GTV6 came out and we drooled over it. In-fact my dad put a deposit on one. My father, a pioneer in the aerospace industry (General Dynamics/Convair 55'-97'), designing and building rockets from the Atlas to the Space shuttle, passed this engineering and car knowledge/sense (and loads of other random knowledge) to me.  

Creating a masterpiece from a stock car, both aesthetically and mechanically is what drives me.  I am bit of a perfectionist when it comes to styling a car. If you add too much it can ruin it, it's a sweet balance. I am very simplistic and original in my approach as long as it slightly varies from OEM but is not perfectly OEM. I am not a purist, I find that boring! One of my first cars was a VW MK1 Golf (GTI), what a car to learn on and a blast to drive (Giugiaro designed of course!). I did as much to that thing as possible to extract power, to improve handling and to make it look cool without calling too much attention from the police. 

I am now working on the new 4C, Giulia and Stelvio cars. From tuning to parts. 


It's what I have been doing for so long. There is something exhilarating about supplying parts that I have found in the crevices of the earth. Supplying Alfa parts is a challenge and it's what gets me up in the mornings. If I can't find it then I am not doing my job.

I strive to provide only 100% Original Parts at all times or the highest quality after-market, Reproduction parts and accessories available.  In the near future I am planning on more reproduction plastic/metal/rubber parts for 164, Milano/75, GTV6 and Giulia (105/115) to the new 952 Giulia.  From the Very best parts to the Very best Tuning parts. 

What I offer in the client service area is a personalized and thoughtful approach.  

The future for myself and Alfissimo is to stay small and specialized as I believe growing and offering everything for every car is not going to sustain a quality of service/selection that I want.  I am growing in other ways, such as moving back to maintenance, tuning and restoration. I am expanding in what I do and how I do it, it's a never ending learning and changing process. I am never perfectly set in the way things are. 

Please call or e-mail us anytime with technical questions or advice or ordering. I am here to help you with your Alfa needs. My goal is to keep your Alfa Romeo on the road and looking great for many years to come! This means I I go far and beyond to try to carry every part possible, rare, new or used for any Alfa Romeo.

If I do not have it, I will work hard to provide it to my clients! 

Even if it takes a little time, I love the challenge...

Thanks for visiting,

Jason Minos

hours & contact information:

Monday - Friday:  9:00am - 5:00pm (1700hr MST/USA) 

TIME ZONE: (USA - Mountain Standard Time)

TEL: +1-619-209-0715

E-mail: Admin at Alfissimo DOT com

San Diego, CA 92116

Our Top Quality Products: 

*(ATHENA, Lemforder, CTR group S.P.A, Original Berth S.P.A, Malo, Spesso, Rienz, Beru, Eibach, B+G, Koni, Bilstein, our custom reproduction parts and much more.)