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Service by Appointment Only. (CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE)

Service by appointment. 

(current labor rate: $169 hr)


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Manual Transmission...

<p><strong>Transmission rebuilding service, early alfa's, 2.0L/3.0L's. (manual only)</strong></p> <p>Example: Spider Trans, complete rebuild, diagnostic of issues with transmission, including driving style of owner in order to correct shifting style. We grind gears (10˚) to allow for smooth transition from 2-3, 4th and down shifting. We replace with known good parts or new. We want to save you money and get you back on the road with a transmission that will last for years to come. If we can use a excellent used part we will as we have never seen the need to replace with new and spend extra money when not needed. </p> <p>3.0L transmissions (manual only) diagnostic, checking of gears and bearings. If needed we replace worn bearings, gears and or synchros. Could be new or good used if we have them. </p> <p>We recommend shipping without bell housing. </p> <p>3.0L trans need to be shipped freight. Typically $150-200 depending on location</p> <p>PRICE: Base price is $950, parts another $200-350 depending. Minus shipping cost. If no parts needed, $950 will be the charge.</p> <p><strong>Our Mechanic is a 45 year Alfa trained Mechanic and has a stellar reputation for his gearbox rebuilds. He is one of the best.</strong></p> <p><strong>No need to buy a $2,000+ rebuilt transmission with new parts when you can save and get a better transmission build transmission. We guarantee it. </strong></p> <p><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><strong>1 year limited warranty. </strong></span></p>
Price $950.00
$950.00 tax excl.

Gearbox repair

<p>Gear Box Repair service. Starts at $600.00- $1,300 for complete rebuild. Minus shipping cost. </p> <p>Complete repair or rebuild of your 105/115 or early gear box. We take care of everything, including grinding gears for speed shifting. New synchros if needed or known good used to save money. </p>
Price $400.00
$400.00 tax excl.