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Transmission & Clutch

Transmission & Clutch

Transmission & Clutch

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Clutch Kit: Alfa Romeo 164...

<h2>OEM Clutch Kit for the 164 12V S*/ 24V Q/LS</h2> <p></p> <p>*This is the OEM Valeo, 164Q/QV -24V Clutch which is 2mm larger, we prefer this unit over the smaller S/QV unit</p> <p></p> <p>OEM Quality Valeo Clutch kit. Do not use aftermarket for these applications, we have found they do not match up to OEM.</p> <p></p>
Price $475.00

Clutch Disc- OEM- Q/LS- 24V...

<hr style="width:100%;height:2px;" /><p></p> <p><strong>Complete kits only. See complete clutch kit. </strong><br /><br />Q/LS (QV/SUPER) 24V Clutch Disc- OEM (DISC ONLY)<br />Made By Valeo</p> <p></p> <p><strong>Picture: does not include plate and bearing (Disc Only)</strong></p>
Price $126.00

Transmission input shaft...

<hr width="100%" size="2" /><p>No Longer available in roller bearing. Available only with ball bearing, made in France. </p> <p>Transmission Input shaft ball bearing</p>
Price $85.00